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Barking Driving You Crazy?

Whether it’s your dog or a neighbor’s dog, you can silence barking in as little as 24 hours!


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Tired of ruff nights?

The Dog Silencer Pro™ works around the clock to ensure your peace & quiet isn’t disrupted by annoying barking.


Detection matters

Don't battle with barking anymore. Let the Dog Silencer Pro™ automatically detect and stop barking up to 75 feet for you.


The power's in your hands

The Dog Silencer Pro™ comes with an exclusive remote control. You can easily activate the Dog Silencer Pro™ from up to 75 feet away. No other bark control product comes remotely close.


A true multi-tasker

The Dog Silencer Pro™ does the job of several bark collars. Silence your dog, your neighbor's dog, or multiple dogs with one powerful unit.


Less bark, more heart

Unlike painful shock collars, the Dog Silencer Pro™ is a safe and humane training device. Stop dog barking while feeling good about it.


The Dog Silencer Pro adapts to your situation

Use indoors & outdoors

The Dog Silencer Pro™ is made to withstand moderate storms. Safely stop barking both inside and out. And if in severe conditions, use the included rain jacket.


Multiple power options

Enjoy the flexibility of powering the Dog Silencer Pro™ with batteries or an AC Adapter.


45 day guarantee

The Dog Silencer Pro™ will stop barking within 45 days or we'll happily refund the product price. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Reclaim Your Peace & Quiet